The Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele: Reviews 

The reviews are in! Uku Global’s Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele has been out for a few months now. We are ecstatic to witness the success of our customers and community in learning the instrument! Our Guide has made quite the journey in the last few months, reaching from England, back to the US, and upwards to Canada.  

From England

Author Paul Mansell, a well-known ukulele artist, performer, and author based in England had many kind words to share about our Guide: 

“The main reason I like this book so much is that it is very clear and precise, does not miss anything out – and assumes the reader knows nothing at all. It manages to balance doing this without being patronising to the reader, but ensuring they have a really good understanding of the basics.”

We invite you to read more of Paul’s review, and explore his exceptional website dedicated to ukulele teaching and discussion: 

Thank you, Paul for supporting our mission!

From Maine, USA

Jeff Weinberger, a ukulele teacher based in Maine, found that the visual aspects of the Guide were functional and practical: 

“The large print and spacious typesetting is easy on the eyes and especially good for seniors and those who benefit from these features. The chords and strums are well presented and cut to the essence without wasting time on seldom used ones.
That the method is song oriented makes it very practical, immediately useful and fun.”

As for those songs, Jeff delves into the specifics on what he likes most:

“The emphasis is on two and three chord songs of different eras and genres is nice. That she includes a list of 21st Century pop songsmith three chords is a great feature that is missing from several books on the subject in favor of songs from bygone eras that young people don’t know nor can relate to.”

We can’t forget to thank our author, Anne Ku, and commend the work she put into this resource:

“That Anne is a very accomplished musician and a veteran teacher gives this work more weight and substance than missing from thousands of the YouTube tutorials, e-books and method books out there today.”

Thank you, Jeff for your kind review! 

 From Canada

Monica is a ukulele teacher based in Canada, and was kind enough to speak with Anne for over two hours discussing the merits and benefits of the Happy, Helpful Guide to the Ukulele.

“Uku Global’s Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele is indeed happy and helpful! Author Anne Ku has carefully and thoughtfully crafted a sequential plan for the ukulele learner to tackle one piece of information after another, in order to build skill upon skill. Cleverly designed exercises help even more seasoned players to enhance their abilities. I recommend this book as a resource for those inspired to learn ukulele!”

Thank you, Monica for your support of our Guide. Let’s support Monica by checking out her ukulele website. We are grateful to all ukulele teachers out there!

Are you ready to check out the Guide for yourself?

There are many ways to gain access to Uku Global’s Happy Helpful Guide: 

  1. Head to our shop, the accessories section!
  2. Head over to our blog. Each step of the “Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele” is presented in a blog post.
  3. Go to our YouTube channel. You’ll see within each blog, there is a video by the lovely Bernadette (@plazi) teaching you each step of the way.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the Guide, online resources, or would like to offer your own review. The opinions of our community matter deeply to us, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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