Uku’s Commitment to 5% 

Uku Global takes great pride in being a part of the community around us. This is why it is not in our mission statement to “sell instruments”, but instead, to “serve as a unifying force in the world”. It is our mission to spread happiness, foster community, and ultimately have a ukulele in every home. […]

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Why Should I Buy A Ukulele?

Should I Buy A Ukulele

Uku Global was started with the vision that one day there would be a ukulele in every home. We believe that music is an amazing means of fostering community, and that access to instruments ultimately makes the world a better place. So, why did we choose ukuleles to accomplish this vision? What makes them the […]

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Educational Outreach at Uku Global

Music Education

At Uku Global we are not only passionate about our instruments, but also our outreach programs for music educators. Our #1 goal is to spread joy, happiness, and give back to the community. We hope that through our work with music education programs we can take steps towards that goal every day. It is imperative […]

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Uku Global at the Library

Ukuleles at libraries? Aren’t libraries supposed to be quiet? Maybe, but not all the time! This past summer, Uku Global teamed up with Take Note Colorado to supply ukuleles for a libraries in Colorado. The goal of Take Note Colorado is to increase access to musical instruments for Colorado youth. They’re a non-profit that believes […]

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Best Ukuleles for Beginners

Best Ukuleles For Beginners

Uku Global offers several options for purchasing a ukulele. We are proud of the fact that these instruments are made with sustainability in mind. All wood used is acquired from sustainable sources. We hope you are as inspired as we are by the instrument’s quality, sound, and artistic designs. Each size ukulele has its pros […]

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Tips for Reading Lead Sheets

Reading Lead Sheets

Lead sheets are a wonderful and accessible means to learn favorite songs on your ukulele. Although they do not contain actual musical notation, they do provide a simplified version of the chords and lyrics. Lead sheets are great if you already know the melody and rhythm of a song, but don’t know what chords to […]

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Tips for Learning in a Group 

Tips for learning ukulele in a group

When you’re learning how to play an instrument in a group, the experience can be very up and down. Although, it certainly has its benefits! Learning with others can be inspiring, motivating, and overall a great time. On the downside, you may find your pace is too fast at times or too slow during others. […]

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Tips for Teaching Others

Teaching Others How To Play Ukulele

If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know how to play the ukulele and you’re ready to share the joy with those around you. Learning to play an instrument is a great feeling. Yet, we often find it even more joyous when we can share the experience with those around us. Uku Global […]

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Ukulele vs. Guitar: What is Easier to Learn?

ukulele vs guitar

If you’re trying to decide between learning the ukulele or guitar, Uku Global would love to help. First of all, both instruments provide wide open doors to creativity, community, and lifelong learning. Here at Uku, we are partial to the ukulele for a few reasons. When you’re first learning and you want to get to […]

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