Our Ukulele Beginner Kits

Concert Ukulele Beginner Kit

Stay home, stay safe, and learn how to play the ukulele! It’s never too late to learn, and Uku Global’s Beginner Kits are a great place to start. Our kits are a one-stop-shop for all you need to get started and strumming. Here’s what comes with your kit: A ukulele. You can choose from few […]

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Why Should I Buy A Ukulele?

Should I Buy A Ukulele

Uku Global was started with the vision that one day there would be a ukulele in every home. We believe that music is an amazing means of fostering community, and that access to instruments ultimately makes the world a better place. So, why did we choose ukuleles to accomplish this vision? What makes them the […]

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6 Christmas Songs to Play on Your Ukulele

Christmas Ukuleles

‘Tis the season for gathering with friends and family, eating food that warms your soul, and making memories to last into the new year. Whether your hosting a gathering in your home or traveling to another state to visit family, there’s always room for your ukulele. Bring your ukulele along this holiday season and serenade […]

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Best Ukuleles for Beginners

Best Ukuleles For Beginners

Uku Global offers several options for purchasing a ukulele. We are proud of the fact that these instruments are made with sustainability in mind. All wood used is acquired from sustainable sources. We hope you are as inspired as we are by the instrument’s quality, sound, and artistic designs. Each size ukulele has its pros […]

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Tips for Reading Lead Sheets

Reading Lead Sheets

Lead sheets are a wonderful and accessible means to learn favorite songs on your ukulele. Although they do not contain actual musical notation, they do provide a simplified version of the chords and lyrics. Lead sheets are great if you already know the melody and rhythm of a song, but don’t know what chords to […]

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Tips for Learning in a Group 

Tips for learning ukulele in a group

When you’re learning how to play an instrument in a group, the experience can be very up and down. Although, it certainly has its benefits! Learning with others can be inspiring, motivating, and overall a great time. On the downside, you may find your pace is too fast at times or too slow during others. […]

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What Ukulele Size Is Best for You?

What Ukulele Size is Best for You?

For those just beginning their ukulele journey, you may not know that there’s more than one size of the instrument. After you’ve made the decision to learn to play, the next step is to decide which size ukulele is best for you.  There are four common ukulele types, differentiated by size starting with soprano being […]

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What’s The Difference Between a Concert and Tenor Ukulele? 

Tenor verses Concert Ukulele

At first glance, you may not see  huge differences between a concert and tenor ukulele. There really are a lot of similarities. First of all, the two instruments are tuned the same, g-C-E-A. This means that the chord shapes are the same, and you don’t have to learn any new fingerings when switching from one […]

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Should I Use a Pick When Playing the Ukulele?

Should I Use a Pick When Playing the Ukulele?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned ukulele player – there comes a time when all strum lovers face the following question: Should I start playing with a pick? The short answer is that there isn’t really an answer. When it comes to what you play your ukulele with, the choice is up […]

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Meet Ira Wolf! Uku Global’s Newest Artist.

Meet Ira Wolf! Uku Global's Newest Artist.

The American Dream was once defined as a cozy home framed by a white picket fence, earned through hard work and determination. But throughout the years, we have watched this dream transform as the idea of success gets redefined with each generation. Today’s American Dream draws influence from the ideals of individuality and creative freedom […]

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