Our Artist Family

The Uku Artist Family is made up of incredible musicians who are passionate about their musical craft and their community. The power of the ukulele brought this family together with a common goal to make the world a better place. Listen, follow, dance, and immerse yourself in the music from our big, happy ukulele family.

Stelth Ulvang

Stelth is a creator; self­taught and continually curious to learn more, he's a talented multi­instrumentalist, spirited poet and composer of vulnerable, honest, and rich music. Able to balance heavy truths with the lightness of humor and observation, his songs share the wayfaring nature of his heart. Full­time globe traveler, currently touring with The Lumineers, Stelth first kicked off his musical travels co­founding the band known as The Dovekins.


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Ira Wolf

Hailing from the mountains of Montana, and making a home in Nashville, TN, Ira Wolf's music and writing connects with audiences on a deeply personal level through melancholy vocals and vulnerably honest lyrics.


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Luke Mitrani

Luke Mitrani hails from Vermont and is currently residing in San Diego, California. Luke grew up snowboarding and traveling the world at a young age. After an injury he's now retired from snowboarding and living his best life playing while pursuing music. Life is good! Let's grab a Uke and jam!


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Jesse Nwalor

Jesse is a singer/songwriter that hails from Arizona and is now living in Minnesota. His ukulele covers are unlike anything you've ever heard. Keep an eye on this young talent! His unique sound and style will absolutely blow your mind. l


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Throughout my life music has brought me closer. Closer to the world around me, the people and musicians I have spent my life with, my family, and myself. Using music as a way to bridge the gap between being strangers and close friends can happen in an instant. From the moment a band takes the stage to the songs we sing along to at a moment’s notice. Wherever you may be I hope this music brings us all a little closer


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We are LVDY (pronounced LADY) - A Colorado duo comprised of Kathleen Hooper & Aubrey Mable. Our sound is inspired by our ideal recipe of singer-songwriter folk, dance, pop, and electronic synth, with powerful melodies and harmonies that speak to the senses.


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Rob Drabkin

To sum up his vision, Rob says, “We too often forget that love is ever-present. We share it with each other through laughter, smiles, and sympathy. We can find it in everything and we can also create it in the smallest, most unassuming moments of our lives. All we can do is keep being kind and have the courage to choose love in every decision we make.”


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Claire Clancy

Claire Clancy is a musician and creative based in Los Angeles who recently relocate back to her mountain hometown of Durango, CO, Claire is fortunate to have worked on both sides of the music industry for nearly a decade and her most recent project is CLANCY, a melodic nostalgic indie punk rock pop band fronted by Claire. "A Child of Gonzo" CLANCY is the sonic brainchild of a millennial Gonzo Baby.


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Paul Kimbiris

Paul Kimbiris is a recovering Philadelphian who has been living in Boulder, CO for almost 7 years. He's opened for acts such as the Dead Milkmen, Hamell on Trial, Joshua James, David Mayfield, Daniel Martin Moore, Gregory Alan Isakov and Langhorne Slim. His first full length release was released in 2014 and was produced by Philip Parker (Glowing House, Paper Stars). His songs have appeared on several major network TV shows such the Emmy award winning cop drama "The Shield", "Gang Related" on FOX, the ABC drama "Forever", and most recently USA networks "Queen of the South".


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Lul Patchy

Lul Patchy is a young producer and singer from Dallas, TX. His immersive and captivating sounds will have you wanting more. Get ready to be sonically hypnotized by his unique voice and sound.


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Celestine is a New York based singer, songwriter and producer. She uses vocals as her main instrument, blending organic sounds with electronic production to create a unique soundscape with elements of folk, rock, and lo-fi sounds. Her main goal is to write emotive and relatable songs through raw and honest lyrical story telling - songs that transport listeners to nostalgic times and places, and lyrics that talk about the things we sometimes have trouble saying.


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Kitty Stewart

Kitty is a singer-songwriter and ukulele enthusiast from the South of England with a real passion for music and the emotive power that it can carry. She plays a funky fusion of folk, blues and comedy-pop that weave tales of adventures across the globe with messages of peace, equality and greener futures. Through my music I aim to inspire and motivate my audience to look after themselves, each other and the planet and to work together with love and peace to create a better world.


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Connor Berry

Connor Berry learned how to play the ukulele 10 years ago and hasn't looked back! He began his YouTube channel about 3 years ago and has seen incredible growth! His goal is for everyone to be able to play fingerstyle ukulele! Head over to his channel, grab a ukulele, and get jamming right away!


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is a natural soul singer with warmth in his voice and roots in his heart. His earthy and radiant mix of ethno-blues, folk and world carries the soul and arises an authentic ambience. With Instruments like Ukulele, Slide-Guitar, Jaw-Harp and Beatbox he creates a meditative drive, that rocks and resonates within. Strong like a tree and soft like its leaves he builds an atmosphere inviting everyone to tune in, sway and sing along, ambitious to create a compassionate community. Meet this special musician and enjoy manifold music from the hand and the heart! ♥


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Robbie Rittman

He's Robbie Rittman, and he's out here singin songs. Robbie hails from Indiana and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. His sound is soulful, deep, and jazzy. His voice will take you back to time periods you weren't even alive for. A walking vinyl player. Listen to Robbie.


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ZEMBU is an indie-pop electronic producer and musician based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. ZEMBU combines ethereal, warm production with layers of soulful vocals and reflective lyricism that channels listeners to a nostalgic, thoughtful place.


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