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Our Artist Family

The Uku Artist Family is made up of incredible musicians who are passionate about their musical craft and their community. The power of the ukulele brought this family together with a common goal to make the world a better place. Artist Coupon Codes can be used at checkout. Help support the foundations and charities our artists are passionate about. By using an artist code, $5 of your order goes to charity they've chosen to support.

Ira Wolf

Hailing from the mountains of Montana, and making a home in Nashville, TN, Ira Wolf's music and writing connects with audiences on a deeply personal level through melancholy vocals and vulnerably honest lyrics.


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We are LVDY (pronounced LADY) - A Colorado duo comprised of Kathleen Hooper & Aubrey Mable. Our sound is inspired by our ideal recipe of singer-songwriter folk, dance, pop, and electronic synth, with powerful melodies and harmonies that speak to the senses.


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Luke Mitrani

Luke Mitrani hails from Vermont and is currently residing in San Diego, California. Luke grew up snowboarding and traveling the world at a young age. After an injury he's now retired from snowboarding and living his best life playing while pursuing music. Life is good! Let's grab a Uke and jam!


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Lee Henke

A modern-day vagabond currently living on the road with no town to call home, Lee Henke continues to work tirelessly at his crafts. A midwestern born singer-songwriter and carpenter who is sincerely dedicated to quality and simplicity. With a constant demand for sustainable progress, he delivers well-constructed songs with an even blend of contour and grit.


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Celestine is a New York based singer, songwriter and producer. She uses vocals as her main instrument, blending organic sounds with electronic production to create a unique soundscape with elements of folk, rock, and lo-fi sounds. Her main goal is to write emotive and relatable songs through raw and honest lyrical story telling - songs that transport listeners to nostalgic times and places, and lyrics that talk about the things we sometimes have trouble saying.


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Kitty Stewart

Kitty is a singer-songwriter and ukulele enthusiast from the South of England with a real passion for music and the emotive power that it can carry. She plays a funky fusion of folk, blues and comedy-pop that weave tales of adventures across the globe with messages of peace, equality and greener futures. Through my music I aim to inspire and motivate my audience to look after themselves, each other and the planet and to work together with love and peace to create a better world.


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Rob Drabkin

To sum up his vision, Rob says, “We too often forget that love is ever-present. We share it with each other through laughter, smiles, and sympathy. We can find it in everything and we can also create it in the smallest, most unassuming moments of our lives. All we can do is keep being kind and have the courage to choose love in every decision we make.”


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