About Us

Our Mission

Uku is founded on the belief that ukuleles create community and spread happiness. Uku is committed to spreading this movement and serving as a unifying force in the world. We believe that self-discovery is the most important journey we can take, and that connection with others brings peace and joy. 

With those sentiments as our guiding principles, we are committed to working with disadvantaged groups. 5% of our profits are donated to supporting sustainable music education initiatives, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder programs, and impoverished communities. 

By purchasing a Uku Ukulele you are not only nurturing your own creativity and bringing people together, but you are positively impacting the world around you. 

#YouUku Vision

Uku began with the vision of having a ukulele in every home. We feel the ukulele and everything it represents is positive. We respect the foundation the ukulele is built on and want to strengthen it by sharing its message with the world.

We believe that through the universal language of music, we can bring people together and build stronger communities. Express yourself and explore your artistic side and musical birthright. Take it anywhere and make your social interactions everlasting memories. Teach yourself something new, become empowered, and make friends with a ukulele. Music speaks to everyone and the ukulele will allow you to tell your story. We’re ready to listen.