What Kind of Ukulele Should I Buy for My Classroom?

A new school year is upon us! This year brings a unique set of challenges. Are you teaching virtually, or in-person? Some schools may not be allowing wind instruments or singing. Uku Global is here to help you roll with the changes.

Ukuleles are a great classroom resource, but there are so many out there. In this blog we will narrow those options and help you decide what ukulele is best to bring into the classroom this year.

  • Size

There are several sizes of ukulele, from the smallest soprano to the larger baritone. If you’re teaching in a school, chances are your players will have small hands. For this reason, we recommend either soprano or concert-sized ukuleles.

For elementary school teachers:

  • We recommend the smallest size, soprano.
  • A smaller instrument will give young children more control and success when playing chords.

Check out some of Uku Global’s soprano ukuleles here: https://ukuglobal.com/collections/soprano-ukuleles

For middle and high school teachers:

  • You could move up a size to the concert ukulele or stick with the soprano.
  • Depending on the age of your students, some older players may have larger hands and be frustrated with the smaller fretboard of the soprano.
  • Concert ukuleles are a few inches larger and noticeably easier to play with large hands.

Check out some of Uku Global’s concert ukuleles here: https://ukuglobal.com/collections/concert-ukuleles

  • Sound and Features

When you are choosing between a soprano and concert ukulele, also consider the sound. A concert ukulele has a larger body, and therefore a “warmer”, fuller sound. As a result of their smaller bodies, the sound of a soprano ukulele is considered “brighter”. To learn more about the difference between soprano and concert ukuleles, check out this blog: https://ukuglobal.com/blogs/blog/soprano-vs-concert-ukulele-1?_pos=1&_sid=29d21bfdb&_ss=r

Are you interested in amplifying your sound? Uku Global offers the Tempest Concert Uke with a built in tuner and EQ. Check it out here: https://ukuglobal.com/collections/concert-ukuleles/products/tempest-concert-uke-w-eq

  • Accessories

Clip on tuners:  This accessory gets young players quickly strumming and learning how to tune. We highly recommend using clip on tuners in your classroom! https://ukuglobal.com/collections/accessories/products/uku-tuner

Bags: Bags are a necessity for a school ukulele. Keep your instruments safe in the classroom or on the move. Especially this year, as instruments may be home with students! https://ukuglobal.com/collections/accessories/products/uku-soft-case-bag

Beginner Kits: To keep it simple, Uku Global offers Beginner Kits. These include either a soprano or concert ukulele, clip on tuner, and bag. Explore some of the instruments her, and grab a beginner kit: https://ukuglobal.com/pages/learn-to-play-ukulele

  • Educational Discounts

This school year, we all mourn the loss of making music together. It is our hope that a small instrument like the ukulele will bring some semblance of normalcy to our community. Uku Global offers bulk pricing for educators buying instruments for their classrooms. We are happy to answer any questions you have! Email us at: info@ukuglobal.com