Uku Global Presents a Virtual Ukefest!

About this Event

We are excited to be hosting a virtual ukefest this July! Open to both amateur and advanced players, the Uku Global Ukefest offers the opportunity to explore music and develop your ukulele skills through workshops, discussions, and live performances! The Uku Global Ukefest sets the stage for an immersive musical experience to encourage, connect, learn, and inspire your own musical endeavors. All profits from ticket sales will be donated to Cand’aid who will be purchasing musical instruments for schools in need.

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*All workshops and performances will be recorded and available for ticket holders*



JULY 17TH, 2020

1:00pm Opening Virtual Ceremony with Cand’aid and Uku Global

• Introduction to workshop leaders and go over schedule and giveaways!

1:30pm Introduction to the Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele

• Meet Anne Ku (author of the book) and Bernadette Plazola (your teacher)

• This workshop is intended to help teach beginners and new teachers how to play and teach the ukulele! Learn, play along, and get yourself acquainted with your ukulele.

3:00pm Moon River Ukulele Lesson and Jam!

• Hosted by workshop leader Bernadette Plazola

• Bernadette Plazola will be teaching you how to play Moon River. We will go over some good transitions to help you move to the chords more quickly. We will also be learning how to memorize a song. This is a beautiful classic song and we know you will have a blast learning it

4:00pm Music Education Roundtable

• Hosted by Anne Ku and Monica Dear of Ukulele Princess

• Discuss, Share, and Learn how to teach music during these strange times

5:30pm Easy to Learn 2 & 3 Chord Songs with Mike Cobb

• Learn some simple 2-3 chord ukulele songs with Mike Cobb of the Haystack Mountain Boys

6:30pm Happy Hour Performances!

• Grab a Drink and watch some amazing performers

Bernadette Plazola, Ricky Somborn, The Haystack Mountain Boys, & Robbie Rittman

JULY 18th, 2020

1:00pm Ukulele Jam Leader Roundtable Discussion

• Hosted by Anne Ku, Danno Sullivan of the Ukulele Union of Boston, and David Liu of the Uke Society.

• Lets chat about virtual group jams and how to do them. This workshop is great for people who want to partake in a group ukulele jam and also talk about how to do them over zoom during these strange times.

2:30pm Bass Face Workshop!

• Grab your bass ukulele and lets get started. AJ Pappas will be leading the ultimate bass ukulele workshop. Learn tips and tricks on how to play your bass ukulele!

3:30pm Ukulele Fingerstyles Tips and Tricks

• Learn fingerstyle ukulele tips with Connor Berry. This workshop will cover root notes, finding the melody, movable chords, and making strumming patterns work for you.

4:30pm Songwriting Workshop with LVDY

• Immerse yourself in the art of songwriting.Join Kathleen Hooper and Aubrey Mable of LVDY as they teach you songwriting tips and tricks on the ukulele!

5:30pm Let’s Paint!

• Bring your paints! Come enjoy a relaxing livestream with Abby Lyons while she paints an Uku Global ukulele and shares stories of her experiences with music. Please bring some acrylic paints to decorate your uke with!

6:30 Team Jam Session Lead by Mike Cobb

• Let’s play some pop songs with Mike Cobb!

• Ukulele Jam session for players of all skills

7:30 Happy Hour Performances

• Grab a cocktail and listen to Abby Lyons, Aj Pappas, Paul Kimbiris, and LVDY Music

Please email for any questions you have regarding the ukefest!

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