Why Should I Buy A Ukulele?

Why Should I Buy a Ukulele?


Uku Global was started with the vision that one day there would be a ukulele in every home. We believe that music is an amazing means of fostering community, and that access to instruments ultimately makes the world a better place.

So, why did we choose ukuleles to accomplish this vision? What makes them the most ideal instrument to reach our goals? Hint: It’s not just appearances. While they are certainly beautiful in their shape and sound, the logic behind choosing this instrument is much more in-depth.


Truthfully, the greatest obstacle in increasing access to instruments and music education is financial. All instruments pose a cost, especially when looking for models that will last. When comparing the ukulele to its guitar counterpart, it is much more affordable. While basic guitars start around a minimum of $100, you can grab a high-quality ukulele for around $50-$80. Naturally, one would want to have a high quality and affordable instrument. The ukulele is just that.


The ukulele is small, but offers the same benefits of its larger musical counterparts. A student can certainly learn to play the piano or guitar, but how will they bring it home to practice? Even some adults will find the keyboard heavy and cumbersome, and the guitar may not be the most conducive for traveling home on the school bus. We see the small ukulele, in all of it’s types, to be the most convenient sized instrument.


Typically, school-based music education is either instrumental or choral. Students take one class to learn to sing, and another to learn how to play an instrument. What we love about the ukulele is that it accomplishes both.

A student who is confident with singing can benefit from learning to play an instrument, and ultimately do both at the same time. A different student may prefer to play instrumental music. The ukulele can accomplish the goals for both of these players! 

While some players may be educated in traditional music notation, there is no essential need to read music with the ukulele. Following a chord chart and lead sheet is sufficient enough to reap the benefits of playing the uke. Yet, if a player wishes to learn music notation and theory, they can do that on the ukulele as well.

The ukulele is an innately social instrument. It can be played solo, or in a group. Players can speak and sing while they are working together, making the instrument naturally more conducive to learning. 


What we love about the ukulele is that it is accessible. From its affordability to multipurpose usage, the ukulele can find a home in any music program. From libraries, elementary school, after school programs, to summer camps, there is always a role for the ukulele to play. This is why we believe ukuleles are the most ideal instrument to accomplish our mission. Spreading happiness and access to music is what our initiates are all about, and the ukulele certainly has our back!

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