What is a Tenor Ukulele?

What is a Tenor Ukulele?

If you managed to get your hands on a tenor ukulele, you’re in for a real treat! As a larger member of the ukulele family, the tenor ukulele offers a sound of its own. In this blog, we want to shine the spotlight on this instrument—and show how it sizes up next to other ukuleles.


There are four primary sizes of ukulele. Starting from the smallest they grow from a soprano, to concert, then tenor, and the largest being baritones and basses. The tenor ukulele is on average three inches longer than the concert. It has a wider fretboard and larger body, which ultimately impacts its sound when played.

Apart from its size, the tenor ukulele’s physical characteristics are identical the other ukulele models, soprano, concert, and baritone.


Due to the larger instrument body, the tenor ukulele has a sound much different from its smaller counterparts, like the soprano and concert ukes. A larger body creates more space for the sound to absorb and resonate before it exits the instrument. The result is a soothing and warm tone, also often described as “full” and “colorful”.

The tenor ukulele’s inviting, soothing tone may be a perfect addition to your ukulele orchestra! Or it may be a personal preference that matches perfectly with your musical tastes.  

Tuning and Chords

If you already play the soprano or concert ukulele, you’re in luck! The tenor ukulele’s strings are the same tuning, and therefore chord shapes are the same. This is great news, because you won’t have to learn new chord shapes when you pick up this instrument. See below: 

ukulele tuning

Should I Try the Tenor?

If you are partial to larger instruments, the tenor ukulele is the one for you. A person with larger hands may benefit from having more space on the fretboard to stretch their fingers so they aren’t too cramped. Perhaps you are switching over from the guitar and favor the warmer sound of a larger instrument. Regardless of your musical preferences and experience, we highly recommend trying Uku Global’s very own Vacationer Tenor Ukulele.

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