What is a Bass Ukulele?

What is a Bass Ukulele?

 bass ukulele

You may be seeing this instrument hitting the ukulele scene more often, but what is it?


The bass ukulele didn’t really become popular until the mid-2000’s. The Bass Uke began to make its debut with the rise of ukulele orchestras. These ensembles required an instrument round out their groups and offer the fullness of a range of instruments, without compromising the authentic ukulele sound. Perhaps the most influential ukulele orchestra is the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm65dbcietQ  Higher and Higher, features bass in the beginning frame.


The Bass Uke is essentially a mini-electric bass. It is something in between a ukulele and a traditional bass guitar. It has four strings, like the ukulele and bass. It ranges from about 30-32 inches, which is similar in size to the larger baritone ukulele.

Unlike its traditional ukulele counterparts, the bass ukulele is not meant to be played acoustic. The Bass Uke is meant to be plugged in and played through an amp.

Perhaps one of the most distinguishing, and fun aspects of the Bass Uke are its strings. They are like large rubber bands. Made of polyurethane, these strings give a “womp” or a “boing-y” sound. They are soft on the fingers and probably unlike anything you’ve played before. Because, in the grand scheme of musical instruments, the Bass Uke is small, the strings must be very loose to achieve the low tones players desire.

Fisherman Bass Ukulele

Uku Global is excited to have our very own Bass Uke model: The Fisherman Bass Ukulele. This instrument is one of a kind, made with the same high-quality materials and care of all our ukuleles with some extra special features. The Fisherman Bass Ukulele has a pickup EQ and tuner built in, ready to be plugged in and played. It comes with a bag to keep it protected and safe on the way to your jam sessions and travels!

Check out this video of the Fisherman Bass being played by Aj Pappas! 



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Have any questions about the Fisherman Bass? Feel free to contact us, or check out the shop and see for yourself!

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