Uku’s Commitment to 5% 

Uku's Commitment to 5%

Uku Global takes great pride in being a part of the community around us. This is why it is not in our mission statement to “sell instruments”, but instead, to “serve as a unifying force in the world”. It is our mission to spread happiness, foster community, and ultimately have a ukulele in every home. We are passionate about working with disadvantaged groups, and for that reason, 5% of our profits are dedicated to these initiatives. 

There is a great disparity when it comes to access to instruments and music education in our country. In response, nonprofits and private music education programs have blossomed with amazing missions and goals in order to combat this disparity. These are exactly the organizations Uku Global aims to support with 5% of our profits.

Where is the 5% Going? 

Uku is partnered with a variety of organizations across the state of Colorado including Take Note Colorado, Youth on Record, The Marigold Project, the I Am Music Institute, and Girls Rock Denver. We also work with Ukuleles Heal the World un Portland, Maine. These partners do amazing work with regards to economic and social justice issues, as well addressing music education concerns by providing services to a wider population of students. It is our hope to expand our opportunities for outreach and our network of partners.

It’s Personal 

Uku Global works with our partners on a case-by-case basis. We assess their need and work together as a team to see how we can assist them in achieving their missions alongside our own. When we work with our partners, we intend to develop a working relationship, getting to know individuals and their organization. 

Whether it be sponsoring events with donated instruments, providing workshops, or discount instruments, we are eager to help.

School-Based Outreach

Uku’s commitment to outreach doesn’t stop with our nonprofit partners. This year, Uku’s educational outreach initiative is amping up and going strong. In past years we have worked with schools to start up ukulele programs and provide learning materials at affordable costs. Uku is passionate about music education and realize the field is often struggling with resources and funding. We hope that with our discounted instruments and outreach programs we can not only maintain, but also increase access to music education for our children. 

Learn More, Let’s Talk! 

If you are a music educator or director of an organization and want to get in touch, do not hesitate to shoot us a message. We will be excited to hear from you and learn more about your program. 


Additionally, you can check out the education section of our website. There are contact forms on there and we would love to hear from you. We are committed to 5% and excited for all the possibilities this initiative could bring! 


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