Uku & Music For Kiddos on "The Many Uses of the Ukulele"

This month, Uku team member Katie Pistilli met with Stephanie Leavell, the creator of Music For Kiddos. Music for Kiddos is a website that Stephanie created to provide high-quality music and music resources to music therapists, educators, and parents. Katie was brought on the podcast to provide some experience and perspective on using the ukulele in music therapy in the special education setting. Tune in to the podcast to learn:

  • What sets the ukulele apart from other accompanying instruments in music therapy.
  • Why the ukulele is the ideal instrument for children of all abilities, and particularly those with complex needs. 
  • Hear some examples of how Katie uses the ukulele in music therapy.

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On the podcast, Katie shares the Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele as a FREE resource for music educators and therapists.

The Guide has been described as “easily readable” with a layout that is “very inviting”. One teacher states that the Guide is “...thoughtfully crafted a sequential plan for the ukulele learner to tackle one piece of information after another, in order to build skill upon skill. Cleverly designed exercises help even more seasoned players to enhance their abilities.” 

The Happy Helpful Guide is a free resource. Part of Uku’s mission is to spread access and accessibility to playing the ukulele. If you are a teacher or educator, sign up for our portal today to download the Guide. We hope the Happy Helpful Guide will help you: 

  • Become a proficient player and use the ukulele in the classroom or therapy setting.
  • Teach skills in an order that is proven to work across all ages. 
  • Provide virtual resources to your students for FREE.

VISIT the Educator's Portal!

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Uku Global was founded on the mission to spread happiness with the ukulele. Our community is growing by the day thanks to educators like you and Stephanie from Music for Kiddos. The music education and therapy communities have a wonderful way of working together to spread access to music and learning. For more resources from Stephanie, head over to

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