Uku Global at the Library

Uku Global at the Library


Ukuleles at libraries? Aren’t libraries supposed to be quiet? Maybe, but not all the time!

This past summer, Uku Global teamed up with Take Note Colorado to supply ukuleles for a libraries in Colorado. The goal of Take Note Colorado is to increase access to musical instruments for Colorado youth. They’re a non-profit that believes every K-12 student should have access to musical instruments. Uku was excited to be able to partner with TNC and assist them in their mission.

In June 2019, Uku and Take Note supplied the Denver Public libraries with Uku Ukuleles!  Check out the awesome unboxing video from the Pauline Robinson Library below!

Upon their delivery, the library was developing a program for children’s ukulele classes. These classes, occurring during their summer break, were a great way for students to continue learning and be creative during their vacation!

While some kids may have brought their own ukuleles, the intent of supplying Uku Ukuleles was to rent them out to children who didn’t have an instrument. Like renting out a book, the child may “check out” the instrument to play, practice, and enjoy.

Uku Global is hoping to expand our presence in local libraries. We believe that access to instruments is essential if we are to spread all the joy and happiness the ukulele has to offer. If you think your local library may benefit from a ukulele check-out program, drop us a line at

We would love to hear from you and your community! Happy strumming (and reading!)

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