Supporting the Uku Artist Family

Supporting the Uku Artist Family


The Uku Artist Family is made up of many amazing musicians whose values align with Uku Global's mission. These artists cherish community, connection, and using their craft to make the world a better place. As of October 2020, our artists include: Stelth Ulvang, Ira Wolf, Luke Mitrani, Jesse Nwalor, Maluhia, LVDY, Rob Drabkin, Claire Clancy, Paul Kimbris, Lul Patchy, Celestine, Kitty Stewart, Connor Berry, ELIH, Robbie Rittman, and ZEMBU.

To assist our artists on their own mission, Uku Global has developed a coupon code system for each individual musician. By using your favorite artist's coupon code, you will receive $5 off your instrument. Also, Uku will give $5 to each artist for each sale that uses their code. It's a win-win for all involved!

Click here to support your favorite musician, find their coupon codes, and learn more about the members of our family! 

Additionally, many our incredible artists support non-profits of their own. Uku Global is happy to work with our artists and their preferred non-profits to accomplish ukulele-related goals. For example, Ira Wolf chose to donate 10 Uku Ukuleles to Girls Write Nashville.

Uku Global and our artists were all brought together under one common vision. Let's support each other, our missions, and get more ukuleles out there spreading joy! 

Don't forget, you can also hear many of the artists on our Uku Global Artist's & Friends Spotify Playlist!

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