Spotlight: The Tempest Concert Uke

Spotlight: The Tempest Concert Uke

Because its always a good day to wear black. 

The stunning Tempest Concert Ukulele is made from black walnut. A hardy wood, black walnut provides a sleek look and strong body. This instrument is meant to travel and won't miss a beat. 

What is a Concert Ukulele?

A concert ukulele is slightly larger than a soprano, the smallest ukulele. Concert ukes are a great place for adults to start if they are learning, because the fretboard is slightly more spread apart for larger hands. Because they have a larger body, the sound of a concert ukulele is described as "warm" or "full' in comparison to the "bright' and "colorful" soprano. 

The Original Tempest

The Tempest comes in two models. The original is meant for more traditional acoustic-style playing of the traditional ukulele. If you shop during the holiday sale, you can purchase the Tempest Concert Ukulele by itself for $75 (originally $85). 

The Tempest is also sold in a beginner kit with a bag and tuner! Check out our Beginner Kits here. 

Amplify Your Playing

The Tempest also comes with EQ and a built in tuner, allowing you to plug it in and amplify your sound. If you play in a band, these features are necessary to be heard or tune successfully amongst other players. Level up your playing with a little built of tech for only $115 during the month of November. 


What are you waiting for? The Tempest Concert Uke is waiting for you, ready to bring your melodies into the world. All our instruments are on sale this month- CLICK HERE to shop concert ukuleles now

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