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Spotlight: The Ripple Concert Uke

Spotlight: The Ripple Concert Uke

We want to give a shoutout to an instrument that makes waves: The Ripple Concert Uke.

What do you see? Ocean waves, or zebra stripes?

The Ripple Concert Uke is made from zebra wood. The gradient of this wood is known for its natural stripes resembling a zebra’s. They are smooth and natural like something you would find in nature. Zebra wood exhibits a unique grain that flows together like ocean waves. These waves inspired the name of our Ripple Concert Uke. Zebra wood is a hardy material meant to weather any storm, and a great option used to manufacture ukuleles.

Zebra wood is a heartwood, meaning the wood is extracted from the core of a tree trunk. Heartwoods are especially durable and strong. This heartwood is native to West Africa.

When you buy a Ripple Concert Uke, your instrument will be unlike any other.

  • The striped gradient varies and makes each instrument unique.
  • The concert model is an ideal middle-of-the-road size, perfect children or adults.
  • Heartwoods like zebra wood are resilient in the face of the elements. Travelers, this instrument is for you!
  • The Ripple Concert Uke makes a great gift for any ukulele player, beginner or experienced.

Stay tuned for news of Uku’s Black Friday sale! We have plenty of Ripples to go around. Make some waves in your playing and order a Ripple today!

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