LVDY Joins the Uku Global Family.

LVDY Joins the Uku Global Family 

LVDY Music (pronounced Lady) is a duo from Denver, CO made up of Aubrey Mable and Kathleen Hooper. Although they just played their debut show at the UMS in late July, their effortless style, talent, and coherence would have you believe that they had been performing their music for years. Their meteoric rise in the local scene makes one thing clear: LVDY music is gliding into the Denver Music scene with the same sharp satisfaction of scissors sliding through wrapping paper. We caught up with half of the twosome at SloHi Coffee Shop in Denver where we exchanged hugs, split a donut, and received an impromptu tour of Aubrey’s live-in van that she has lovingly dubbed Fitz. Welcome to the LVDYMOB!

How would you describe LVDY -starting from the sound to the message?

Oh man, where to even begin! Before LVDY was ever a thing, we were very close friends. The foundation of all of this – the band, the music, the community – is an incredible and supportive friendship. That’s one of our favorite things about all of this… we get to do this with each other as best friends. And our friendship continues to strengthen with each performance and melody creation. Our sound has evolved as we consider all the genres of music we love – from pop to folk and electronic synth to singer/songwriter and soul. At the end of the day, we strive to create music that we love and want to listen to. We strive to create music that makes people feel – any emotion that comes up. Laughter, sadness, connection, inspiration. Our message is empowering and inclusive. The LVDYMOB is a safe space for people to show up exactly as they are.

How has location and travel shaped LVDY?

New Zealand is the most sacred place to us. It’s where we met in the Fall of 2012, studying abroad, and it’s where we spent a great deal of time discovering who we are. We traveled back to NZ with each other in March of 2018 to run a half Ironman and pushed ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was hands down the most impactful travel experience we’ve shared thus far. Traveling to new places lights us up and we find a lot of inspiration from that. Any opportunity to explore in nature and connect with the deeper world around us – we’re in!

Whats the most memorable location you’ve ever played a show at?

Our first headlining show in Denver at Lost Lake was the most memorable show we’ve played. It was the first time that we could truly feel the power of what we are creating and see how our music drew people in. There was an energy in the room that night that was electrifying and magical. We both have chills just thinking about it.

Tell me about being in the Denver Music Scene and what’s it like being apart of it.

Being in the Denver Music Scene is a blast. It’s a growing city full of talent and buzzing with art, culture, and “what’s next”. We’ve been welcomed with open arms into this community and have already collaborated with some incredible humans. We feel really grateful to call this city our home and are looking forward to whatever is to come next for us here.

How did you decide on the name LVDY? How does that translate to your message as musicians?

We have a group of powerhouse girlfriends we call the Ladymob and the creation of our band name was sparked off of that. We split up the words, capitalized LADY, and flipped the A to a V. V is a historical symbol for womanhood, promotes peace, there are two of us, and we think it looks cool. Now our fans are called the LVDYMOB – spreading peace and love and empowerment wherever we go.

What’s your relationship with the ukulele?

Aubrey is the uke master…I first played a ukulele in high school – I bought one off of my friend and started messing around on it. To me, it is happiness in an instrument. It is uplifting and immediately illicits joy. It’s so fun to play and is also fairly easy to teach other people how to play a song. When we were in NZ in March of 2018, we traveled around the north island with a borrowed uke playing tunes on the streets for extra gas and coffee money. It quickly became a part of our sound we connected deeply with.

What’s next for LVDY?

We are setting our sight on the creation of our first full-length album and planning a tour around the UK.

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