Introducing: The Howdy Ukuleles!

Two NEW concert ukuleles just landed in our shop! 

We are excited to announce that two brand new ukulele models are available in our shop! This summer, Uku partnered with Local Durango, Colorado artist Julia Ion, also known as "Howdy". Here's a little about Howdy:

"I'm a small independent studio based in Southwest Colorado. My creative happy place is illustration and block printing, although I'm always trying to find new outlets. Things I love and am inspired by include: Plants, rock formations, animals, nature in general, old things, weird things that could be conventionally pretty but are too weird, the southwest, tumbleweeds, barren landscapes, cowboy hats, fun earrings, having too much used clothing, saying "yeehaw" (and obviously howdy), ah, but what I love most of all, is art. So, ending on a cheesy note, stay a while, crack a beer, and enjoy my tiny doodle business!"

We are beyond excited to share The Fortune Teller and La Rosa with you!

The Fortune Teller 

concert ukulele

Gaze into your musical truths with The Fortune Teller Concert Ukulele. Play your cards right and this instrument will shed musical mysteries and illuminate your creative potential. The Fortune Teller looks towards the sky, spheres, and within to illuminate melodies you have yet to imagine. You can’t hide from what is written in the stars. Take the next steps on your musical journey and meet the Fortune Teller Concert Ukulele on your path.

La Rosa

concert ukulele

Saddle up and see where La Rosa Concert Ukulele will take you. Uku’s most romantic ukulele yet, La Rosa will do more than satisfy your musical desires. Created with the deep red of a dozen roses, desert sunsets, and wide-open western valleys in mind, La Rosa is as much a gift to the eyes as it is to the ears. Follow your heart and let the La Rosa Concert Ukulele’s warm, resonate sounds captivate and inspire. 

We feel honored to support local artists and include them as part of our Uku story. Thank you, Howdy for making this all happen! Head on over to her website today to see more of Howdy's incredible art for yourself! 

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