How to Tune Your Ukulele

How to Tune Your Ukulele

Playing a tuned ukulele is essential to making music. When your ukulele is properly tuned, a simple stroke of the strings will produce a beautiful tone, and that will inspire you to play another!

Tuning can be intimidating, but fortunately with technology, anyone can tune easily. You do not need to have perfect pitch or tune to your own ear, though after some time you find yourself doing so. 


When you first get your Uku Ukulele, you’ll need to tune a lot, at least once a day. This is normal for all ukuleles as the strings loosen with use and the whole instrument reacts to its environment. After the first few weeks you won’t need to tune as often. 


Tuning your ukulele is very simple. When you first start playing you can purchase an electric tuner or you can download an app on your smartphone. 



The four open strings of your Uku Ukulele from left to right at G, C, E, and A. This is considered standard tuning and will be the notes you need for the majority of songs you will play. 


The pegs at the top of the headstock change the pitch of the strings as you turn them. When you tighten the strings, the pitch rises. As you loosen them, the pitch lowers. Be careful not to tighten too much, as this can snap the strings. 


Here are three ways to tune:


Buy our electric tuner: You can find one in our online store! Our tuner is a chromatic tuner and is able to tune your Uku Ukulele to perfection. Once you have it, place it on the headstock and pluck a string. It will then tell you the note you are playing, and you can turn the pegs accordingly to reach the desired note. 


Use an app on your smartphone: In the App Store on your phone, search for “ukulele tuner”. There are quite a few free ones that are easy to use. Once downloaded, enable the microphone on your smartphone. Begin by plucking a single string — the app will use either color association (green, yellow, red) to show you how close or far you are from the right note. Turn your pegs accordingly and voila! Tuned. 


Use a piano: If you are familiar with the notes on the piano (something you can easily look up online, too!), you can use this instrument to tune your instrument. Play an A on the piano, and tune your A string to match the tone. Of course, this also takes some practice because you are tuning by ear.


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