Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele – Step 1: Position & Posture

Last month, we released our “Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele”. It is broken down into 10-steps to allow for a structured and accessible learning experience. To complement our Guide, Uku Global teamed up with Bernadette Teaches Music to record instructional videos to walk you through these steps! Make sure to watch the video below and follow along as your learn to play your ukulele!

Good posture makes it easy to hold and play the ukulele without tension or pain. You’ll notice that experienced ukulele players often look relaxed and play effortlessly. It’s not necessary
to have a strap to play but for some people, the strap helps to free them up from “holding onto” their instruments when seated or standing. Take a look
at the illustrations of how to hold
your ukulele when seated or standing, with or without a strap. Check out the photos and videos on our website if you feel you are not able to hold or play yours easily.

How to hold your ukulele:

how to hold ukulele


How to stand with strap and play

how to stand with strap

How to sit and play

how to sit and play

How to stand and play

how to stand and play

Right hand: Best place for plucking

right hand plucking

Right hand: Best place for strumming

strumming ukulele



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