GO VOTE with Uku Artists

GO VOTE with Uku Artists


This month, the Uku community comes together once again to exercise our right to vote. We sent out a Tempest Concert Ukulele to our Uku artists and friends to get the message out. Scroll through the accounts of the Uku family to hear and see them sporting the special edition GO VOTE ukulele. 

Check out @plazi, @helloabbylyons, @lynzylab, @lukemitrani, @stelthulvang, @themilkblossoms, @robdrabkin, @zembumusic, @gothbabemusic, @claireclancyshow, @paulalexios & @izaakopaz with their new instrument!



Some smooth melodies from Lynzy Lab @lynzylab



You'll love this groove from @joepthehyena 



If you haven't voted yet, make a plan to get to the polls on Tuesday!

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