Give a Ukulele

Give a Ukulele

Still looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? The ukulele is here to save the day!

Especially this year, we all need a little extra cheer.
Grab a ukulele, and play loud for all to hear! 

There's no such thing as "too young" or "too old" to learn to play the ukulele. That is what makes it the perfect gift! Yes, adults, we mean you. 2020 has not been kind to anyone, and even the most serious and stressed out adult in your life needs to relax and smile from time to time. Gift them a ukulele, and they may just leave 2020 with some positive memories. 

Where to Start

First, you have to decide what size ukulele to buy. Uku offers four sizes ranging from small to large: soprano, concert, tenor, and bass. Ukuleles are highly versatile instruments, and any model you choose will be sure to bring happiness to your loved one's face. But, it may be important to consider the size of their hands to ensure they don't have to overstretch on an instrument that is too large, or crunch their fingers on one that is too small. 

As a rule of thumb, soprano ukuleles are most comfortable for those with small hands. Concert and tenor models are great for average sized hands. The tenor ukulele, being the largest traditional ukulele is ideal for some one with very large hands.

Check out these blogs to learn more about the difference between soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles: 

If you have a player in your family who loves their guitar or bass, the Fisherman U*Bass is what you are looking for. Plug it in or play acoustic, but keep in mind, it is tuned differently than the other models we mentioned. The bass ukulele is actually tuned the same as a bass guitar! 

Below are a few other models to check out: 

The Vacationer Tenor UkuleleA bestselling instrument with a full and colorful sound.

The Tribe Concert UkuleleBring your family together with the Tribe ukulele. Also available as part of a beginner kit! 

The Ripple Concert UkuleleMade from one-of-a-kind zebra wood, add some musical waves to your holiday!

The Summer Haze Soprano- Brighten up your day with musical rays of sun. This design is also available in a concert size! 

Our Ukes are on Sale!

We want to get as many ukuleles out there as possible this month, and 2020 needs a little extra musical cheer. Through December, all of our instruments are $10 off! 

There are many more ukuleles where these came from in Uku's shop. We hope you can find one to bring a little extra cheer into your home this holiday season. Music truly does bring us together, and community is the essence of Uku Ukuleles. We hope you have a safe and joyous holiday season! 

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