Everything You Need to Start a Ukulele Program

Bring the Ukulele to Your Classroom

Are you interested in starting a ukulele program at your school, but don’t know where to start? Uku Global is here to help with all the instruments and curriculum resources you need to hit the ground running.

Uku was founded on the belief that ukuleles spread happiness. It is part of our mission to be involved in the community and support music education initiatives. My name is Katie Pistilli, a member of Uku's Education team. We want to get to know teachers like you to help you achieve your ukulele goals!

Uku’s Educator Portal is a one-stop-shop that has everything you need to start a ukulele program at your school.

The Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele

Uku’s curriculum, the Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele, is a highly effective 10-step methodology. It covers everything from posture to tuning, switching between chords, and culminates to playing the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 

The Guide is available as a 110-page book, spiral-bound, and easy to place on a music stand. It acknowledges the cultural heritage of the ukulele with history lessons and leaves nothing out when it comes to the necessary skills needed to play. The Guide also comes in a virtual format. Each of the 10-Steps is broken down into videos to ensure all learners are successful!

As a member of our Educator’s Portal, you can download a FREE digital copy of the Guide and find many helpful visuals and lessons.

High Quality, Affordable Instruments 

Uku offers prices exclusive to Educators. We feel strongly that children should learn with instruments that have a quality sound. Kids are inspired by ukuleles, and they deserve to play on something that is high-quality. Uku ukuleles offer not only an authentic, colorful Hawaiian sound but are durable enough to last for years of learning.

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A Supportive Community 

Fostering community is a core value of Uku Global. Our team aspires to use the ukulele to bring people together. On our Educator’s Portal, you will be connected with our Education Team and have a seat at the Uku family table. From virtual Ukulele Festivals to Zoom jam sessions and all of your classroom ukulele needs, Uku Global is here for you!  

Sign up for our Educator’s portal today to start your ukulele teaching today. If you have any questions about the instruments, Happy Helpful Guide, or Portal, please do not hesitate to respond to this email. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

CLICK HERE to see the portal now, or go to http://edu.ukuukuleles.com

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