Do You Uku?

Do You Uku?


We feel the Ukulele and everything it represents is positive and can be a great equalizer. The Ukulele generates a respect for life unlike any instrument we’ve ever seen. At Uku, we knew the Ukulele was much more, it was powerful,  it was a lifestyle! We launched the company to make great Ukuleles and share this instrument’s story. The Ukulele has a special message to pass along and we hope that you agree.

The four principles of Positivity, Respect, Love, & Community are consistent with all things Uku. We all interpret and express them in different ways but they hold the same importance by people worldwide. The Ukulele embodies these values and we plan on sharing that message by making amazing ukuleles anyone can play. Not only that, we plan on practicing what we preach through charity work, a positive attitude, and being present in this thing we call life. We’ll be donating a portion of sales from every ukulele we sell to help disadvantaged children.  The ukulele is an easy way to tap into that universal language of music while having its own unique story to tell. Teach yourself something new, make friends, and empower yourself with a Ukulele.

When we ask “Do You Uku?” we’re asking if you plan on taking this journey with us. This small instrument has made a huge impact on the world and countless lives. Tell us how the ukulele affects your life and those around you.

What is Your Uku? We want to hear it!



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