Best Ukuleles for Beginners

Best Ukuleles for Beginners

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Uku Global offers several options for purchasing a ukulele. We are proud of the fact that these instruments are made with sustainability in mind. All wood used is acquired from sustainable sources. We hope you are as inspired as we are by the instrument’s quality, sound, and artistic designs.

Each size ukulele has its pros and cons depending on the type of player you are. Are you transitioning from the guitar or uke? Or, are you new to playing all together? Perhaps you are purchasing for a child in your family to give as a gift. All of these factors are essential to consider when looking for a beginner ukulele.


Small Hands

If you have small hands, or are shopping for someone who does, look no further than a soprano ukulele! The soprano uke is the smallest of the ukulele family. It possesses that characteristic bright and happy ukulele sound we know and love the instrument for. The soprano is small and easy to transport. We highly recommend starting with this size if you are new to playing stringed instruments.

Uku offers a few models of the soprano. Below is the Hibiscus Soprano Uke—a beautiful light wood color with the flower covering the body. If the Hibiscus isn’t quite your style, don’t hesitate to explore through our other soprano models.

The Pineapple Soprano Uke is similar to the traditional soprano, but, with a rounder body. Additionally, the sound is slightly warmer than other sopranos, which makes it a unique choice. This instrument is great for beginners because it is small enough for novice hands to manipulate the strings.


Large Hands

If you have larger hands, it’s possible that learning on the soprano ukulele will be more difficult. Although it is generally recommended for beginners, there is no point trying to crunch your large fingers onto that small fretboard! The next size up from the soprano is the concert ukulele. Besides size, another notable difference between the concert and soprano ukulele is the sound. A concert uke provides a slightly softer, fuller sound because the body is also larger.

Below is Uku’s Tempest Concert Ukulele. We offer a few models of the concert size and encourage you to explore them!

If you speculate an even larger instrument would be best for you, there is yet another larger-sized ukulele. The tenor uke is the next size up from the concert. It’s larger neck and spacing on the fret board allows for larger hands to wrap around more naturally. The sound of the tenor ukulele is more like that of a guitar. Uku offers one model of the tenor ukulele. The Vacationer Tenor Uke is ordained with a beautiful wave on the body to fit with the mood of its calming notes.

Switching from Guitar

We recommend the concert and tenor ukuleles for folks who know how to play guitar for the same reason we recommend them for those with large hands. As guitar players are naturally accustomed to stretching their fingers across a large fretboard, it’s possible that a smaller ukulele would be uncomfortable to them. To make the transition as easy as possible, you might as well go for the larger ukuleles!



Outdoor Lover

While all of the instruments manufactured by Uku are made to be durable and enjoyed outdoors, the NOMad and Day Hiker are two specific instruments that stand out to nature lovers. Because they are sopranos, they are smaller and easier to carry. Don’t worry, if you’re carrying one of these with your pack you’ll still have room for all the other adventure essentials.

In fact, Uku also offers a backpack carrying case for your instrument. Don’t hesitate to bring the fun on the run!


Parting Thoughts

Truthfully, the soprano, concert, and tenor ukulele are similar enough that you can successfully start with any one. They are all tuned the same and have similar playing techniques. You could even hop around from one to the other and still know how to play. Yet, we want to ensure our players have a seamless, enjoyable

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