6 Christmas Songs to Play on Your Ukulele

‘Tis the season for gathering with friends and family, eating food that warms your soul, and making memories to last into the new year. Whether your hosting a gathering in your home or traveling to another state to visit family, there’s always room for your ukulele. Bring your ukulele along this holiday season and serenade your loved ones with holiday carols! Here are some well-known traditional tunes to get your group singing along.

Before you start, here’s a tip: assuming you already know the melodies of these songs, allow your prior knowledge to guide you through the chords. Sing or hum along the first time through and change the chords as it feels right. The great thing about Christmas songs is the chord structure is natural to play along to.

Jingle Bells

  • Chords

-Verse (“Dashing through the snow…”): C – F – Dm – G – C x2

-Chorus (Jingle bells, jingle bells…”): C – F – C – F – C – D7 – G7 x2

  • Starting note: G string open

Silent Night

  • Chords

– Line 1 (“Silent night…”): G – D – G

-Line 2 (“Round yon virgin…”): C – G – C – G

-Line 3 (“Sleep in heavenly…”): D – G – Em – G – D – G

  • Starting note: C string, 2nd fret

Deck the Halls

  • Chords

-A section (“Deck the halls…”): C – Am – G – C – G – C x2

-B section (“Don we now our…”): G – C – Am – G – D – G

-A section (“Troll the ancient…”): C – Am – G – C – G – C

  • Starting note: G string open

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

  • Chords

-Verses (“Rudolf the Red…”): G – D – G x2

-Bridge (“Then one foggy…”): C – G – D7 – G – D – D7

  • Starting note: C string, 2nd fret

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

  • Chords

-A section (“We wish you a…”): C – F – D – G – C – F – G – C

-B section (“Good tidings to you…”): C – G – Am – G – C – F – G – C

-A section (“Now bring us some figgy pudding…”): C – F – D – G – C – F – G – C

  • Starting note: G string open

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

  • Chords

-Verses (“Oh! You better…”): G – C – G – C

-Chorus (“Santa Claus is coming to town”) G – Em – Am – D7 – G

-Bridge (“He sees you when…”): C – A7 – D7

  • Starting note: C string, 2nd fret


Chord Chart


Ukulele Chord Chart 

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