The past four years at Uku have been an amazing journey.

From our partnerships with schools and non-profit organizations to bring music to students in need, to engagements with ukulele enthusiasts that are contributing in a variety of meaningful ways to their communities, every day was inspirational.

After a lot of consideration we have decided to close our doors. Even though we won't be around anymore, we know the thousands of ukuleles we shipped out over the years will still be in your houses, classrooms, and stages. Keep playing your ukuleles. Keep showing your friends and families and students how incredible that instrument is. Keep spreading the power of music!

To all the musicians and influencers that became a part of our family, we truly appreciate the creative energy and positivity you radiate to all of us. Please know that you’ll continue to have the support from all of us at Uku as individuals. Working together as a team and with all of you is one of the things we’ll miss the most.

Thank you, Uku community, for four wonderful years of helping our ukuleles create community and spread happiness!